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After studying Applied Computer Science at the BA Stuttgart I have been working at PRODYNA AG in the area of Frankfurt am Main since 2007. Starting out as a IT-Consultant / Software Engineer with a long standing engagement concerning the development of business clients based on the Eclipse RCP framework, I have been leading the “Solution Center” Enterprise Content Management as a Senio IT-Consultant / Software Architect since 2009/2010. As part of my responsiblities in this area I am actively involved in promoting and developing our partnership with Alfresco, the leading Open Source Content Management vendor.

With time I’ll be occupied more and more with managerial duties and less with actual development work, but my fascination with the details and intricacies of complex software remains a constant. As a result this blog will not only serve my basic need for communication but also provide accounts of my dealings with topics I encounter or have to deal with while satisfying this passion. Due to my standing engagement, a significant bias towards Alfresco-related topics may be unavoidable.

  1. Dear Axel,

    We have conversed before through the Alfresco forums. I had asked some questions and during the course of the interactions you had pointed out the add-on made by you to achieve Site hierarchies over and above a flat list of Alfresco sites.

    I’ve been trying to use the forums to ask you a query regarding the add-on. I am not sure if you are receiving any notifications so I thought I will use this contact form to get in touch with you.

    I’m sorry for troubling you like this but I am a little desperate as I have to give an update to my supervisors. Essentially, my supervisors would ideally like having a mechanism of allowing a project to have multiple parents. Because a system component they design can be used as a sub-component in multiple bigger systems.

    I was wondering how much effort would it be to actually tweak your plugin for this or whether it is already possible. Looking forward to your reply. And please accept my sincerest of gratitude for the help already rendered by you in the forums.


    • Hello Kaustubh,

      as I have not had time to maintain this blog for a long time and am receiving quite a lot of spam comments, I unfortunately missed the notification about your valid comment. The site hierarchy addon I was talking about can be found on GitHub at https://github.com/Acosix/alfresco-site-hierarchy. I believe I did see your message on the forum and did reply to it, but due to the amount of activity on community.alfresco.com I cannot find it right now to verify. Allowing multiple parents would technically be only a small change in the multiplicity of the parent-child associations. Taken together the UI, backend changes and any adaptions to secondary features should all be doable in less than a day. The limitation to single parents primarily resulted from the requirements of the customer for which I initially developed this addon.


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